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Architectural and urban design

Through the process of designing studio Sintemma presents the most realistic picture of a future project to the client and thus makes its realization the next logical step. By using various adequate architectural displays, we strive to create a thoughtful and influential architecture that will respond to the needs of contemporary society.


Consulting and construction

Realization of the ideas is a great pleasure for us. Organization and execution, consulting, overseeing and monitoring of all construction work, interior works and furnishing are some of the mandatory activities in achieving the plan and implementing the idea.
With this approach, we guarantee the investor full insight into the flow of the project and its viability, as well as easier implementation of project modification during the construction.


Interior design and construction

Sintemma creates values in planning, designing and materializing interior spaces in accordance with its needs.
Studio is not guided by a universal style, but we find elegance in simplicity and minimalism on the way to exceptional architecture.


Furniture design and production

The spectrum of the work of the team Sintemma refers to the research of possibilities in the furniture production, furnishing interior, production of interior carpentry and wooden details. Applying modern work technology with various plate materials, at the same time using traditional wood processing techniques and relying on qualified associates, we try to approach every task in a creative way, avoiding template solutions.

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